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Anton Yelchin stars as a fry-cook with the ability to see dead people.When a group of ghosts make an appearance, bringing with them destruction and fear, Odd Thomas must team-up with the sheriff and his girlfriend in order to fight back.And in a movie like this it’s probably 95% of the movie because the people we have in the four leads happen to be great, their chemistry is terrific,” he told us last year.“And when you have a movie like this, which doesn’t have a great deal of money behind it, it’s all about the characters, and it’s all about their faces, and it’s all about how they relate to each other.” Now you can see how that worked in the first international trailer for the horror comedy “Burying The Ex.” READ MORE: First Clip & Photos From Joe Dante’s ‘Burying The Ex’ Starring Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario, and Oliver Cooper, the story follows a young man who thinks he’s found the perfect girlfriend….until they move into together.The film is delightfully funny and, naturally, animated very well.Based on the novel with the same title, "Odd Thomas" didn't get a whole lot of recognition when it was released, but damn is it fun.Partially crowdfunded, and made with a limited budget, for fans of Joe Dante, they’ll take his next movie any way they can get it.Sometimes, as a filmmaker, you have to count on the luck of the draw for things to happen, and when it came to casting, things really worked out for Dante. casting is sort of a coin toss in certain ways, but casting is 90% of the movie.

Anton Yelchin provides his voice for one of the protagonists, Shun Kazama, for the English version.One of Yelchin's earlier films that garnered him a sizable fanbase, "Alpha Dog" centers on a group of gun-toting middle-class gangsters, led by Johnny Truelove, as they kidnap a young teenager, played by Yelchin, for ransom money.As a crime thriller, the film does a great job and Yelchin was fantastic in portraying the mild-mannered 15-year-old, Zack.This Claymation film from Aardman Animations (known for Chicken Run, Flushed Away, and Shaun the Sheep) centers on a colorful pirate crew, led by an ambitious captain who wants to win the Pirate of the Year Award.Yelchin lends his voice to a supporting character aptly named the Albino Pirate.

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