Xbox not updating october 2016

for anyone with an update that is not working, have you tried updating via another user account on your PC? I made a new user account and the windows store issues I had before did not appear when using the new account.

Verdict is still out since my download isnt finished yet, but interested to know if that workaround would fix the patch update problem too.

Xbox owners will be able to grab the new games from Saturday, October 1, a few days prior to the new Play Station Plus releases for next month.But since then (after sleep and work) an update rolled out and now it doesn't work again.You're solution of "turn on firewall" is absolutely useless.My firewall is on, with gears eventually on the exception list so I can play online. I have given up all hope of playing gears any time soon.I have tried every fix i can find to sort out this instillation issue with the windows store but nothing works.

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