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The pair are said to have been dating in secret for the past year after exchanging a series of racy messages and bonding over their fitness regimes. Mel, 47, is said to have a thing for younger men and singer 33-year-old Olly’s new gym bod caught her eye.

The X Factor star apparently thinks the TV presenter is in great shape and has been gazing at her fitness selfies.

I can’t find any report that says that Jennifer or Bradley were in Washington as any point over the past few weeks.

In 2011, it was determined that Rocky the Rocket needed a counterpart to help spread UT spirit at events both on campus and throughout the community. Here’s the scoop: Rocky and Rocksy are not dating, not married, and not brother and sister.

“They sat off in a quiet corner, but Jen’s smile radiated throughout the whole club,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIRER.

Jennifer Aniston’s romance with Bradley Cooper is back on – in fact, it was never off.They slipped out arm-in-arm about 1 a.m.” [From National Enquirer] Grey Goose vodka and pineapple? Sure, I’ll buy that they’re still dating, and that the drama with all of the extra characters was just some tabloid construction to sell some glossies.But I find the whole thing about Aniston running down to Washington for a secret date a little weird.He is so obsessed with her that he would not take it if Rihanna decides to marry Drake.He also feels that Rihanna still loves him and he is on her mind.

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