Who is tavia yeung dating

In the end, due to life changing experiences, Kingsley realizes that love cannot be rationalized and finally admits that his feelings to Siu-Lai are true.

The currently 36 years old Tavia Yeung(楊怡) lost out on the TV Queen award at the TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony this year.In recent days, it is said the two have decided to get married in March 2016 and Tavia will become a bride in the year of the monkey.Since Him Law loves the sun and the beach so much, they are also planning to have the wedding in Thailand.The rational Kingsley evaluates that he has fallen in love with Lai because of a neurotransmitter called phenethylamine.However, owing to the huge difference in their family background and life value, Kingsley fails to tackle their ever-changing relationship problems with formulas.

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