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"We ask a figure skater to do not only jumps but spins and footwork.Figure skating is not only jumping, otherwise we become guilty of the accusation we are only an acrobatic sport." Cinquanta, who has not received such media attention since the pairs voting scandal of the 2002 Olympics, was not finished."This is not tragedy what happened with Evgeni," his coach Alexei Mishin said. If so, the majestic Russian figure skater exited the spotlight with Evgenian stagecraft: Gold and gone.

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"Without the quadruple, I'm sorry, but it's not men," he had taunted. But if Plushenko was outwardly aggrieved, deep down he must have known that his performance had come up short.13, when he withdrew from the men's event at the Sochi Winter Olympics and then retired from skating altogether.Plushenko, a four-time Olympic medalist, has a chronic bad back, which he aggravated in practice on Wednesday.Remember how yesterday Evgeni Plushenko pulled out of the Olympics just before the men's skating competition was to begin? If he'd had a bit more time, I think that everything would have turned out differently."How are you a hair's breath away from vegetablehood and two weeks later, spunky and ready to go on a grueling cross-country ice dancing tour?The world saw images of a hobbling, pain-pinched Plushenko missing his jumps in practice, his wife predicted catastrophe and his trainer predicted paralysis should he get on the ice again: Plushenko recently had surgery that put several screws in his back and, the wife and coach said, he had reinjured himself again in practice. Maybe there are some sports medicine experts who can explain this to me, but from where I sit, the math just ain't coming together.

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