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’ In those statements the bishops were asserting their belief in a God who was in fact a manipulative male person, who would set aside the processes of the world to produce a miracle in order to bring His () divine presence into a human enterprise called life, from which this God was clearly separated. no pre-existing matter) entails a lack of scholarship.

They also revealed no knowledge whatsoever of the biblical studies that have, for at least a century, thrown new light on the interpretation of these birth narratives. The statements of the two bishops quoted disparagingly by Spong are perfectly logical—if God is almighty and can create that these things certainly did not happen, just because one believes they cannot, is hardly consistent with a scientific approach.

© Michael Bott and Jonathan Sarfati John Shelby Spong is an influential public speaker, writer and media figure. note: he retired years after this article was first written].

He claims he is a Christian yet he champions causes that historic Christianity has often fought tooth and nail against.

In his books, reasoned argumentation has been replaced by special pleading and sweeping assertions characteristic of the caricatures of fundamentalists Spong himself attacks.Yet such scientists have often shaped both modern science curricula and influenced modern opinion.Spong gives no explanation for his denial of the supernatural other than conceptual decree and an appeal to common prejudice.Indeed, one Australian reviewer said, ‘Thank God for Spong!’ In Spong’s world, works which support his view are described as ‘well written and even brilliant works of biblical scholarship’; whereas works supporting biblical inerrancy are ‘tracts, pamphlets, and books from the pens of fundamentalist Christians’ ( [RBF] p. It was after reading comments such as these that we decided to investigate the work and theology of John Spong.

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