Updating distribution list

I ran the script that they posted - following the directions on the blog post but it didn't seem to fix my issue.

Sometimes Gmail’s simplicity makes people think it is missing features.

In practice, list membership is a significant administrative struggle, particularly at firms with nested lists, governed by multiple criteria like titles, practice groups and locations.

And this struggle is never-ending, requiring constant intervention as users join, leave and move within the organization.

The truth is that you can create personal Gmail distribution lists in a couple of easy steps by using Gmail groups.

Distribution lists have long been a favorite feature for power email users.

As it has with so many other legacy business processes, technology has automated and streamlined intra-office communication.It’s not uncommon for firms to nest lists within lists, adding even more complexity.In most cases, the task of managing and updating lists and list membership falls to IT or other support staff who configure Active Directory or other centralized systems of record.But manual approaches create inefficiency, delays, and opportunities for error, like mistakenly adding individuals to lists they should not be members of.What’s more, current approaches provide no way to easily report on list management or confirm that updates are accurately taking place.

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