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Otherwise, I will be bored out of my brain with what...120 episodes. If Korean screenwriters, directors and actors want to "lift their game", then use "The Godfather" as the benchmark with which to measure your work. When I watched "Heaven's Promise," getting through the beginning with the children and the moments before the main plot began was VERY painful, but there was at least some interesting issue that made me want to get to the other side and see them resolved.

With best screenplay (Mario Puzo), best director (Francis Ford Coppola) and best actors (Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, James Caan, Robert Duvall, etc) remained the best film or serial trilogy ever made by any standard. It's boring in the beginning but over time it's became interesting and I'm really expecting the next episodes. And if there isn't that interesting issue that pushes things forward, the characters need to at least be 10 times as interesting, such as in "My Father is Strange." But the characters have yet to give interesting performances.

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Cha a strong business person but cannot see through what the employees did.... The story of the movie is so stupid, the one who is not that smart only Sena, other characters are stupid. Writer is having hard time to focas what he/she wants. not sure why..the characters and what they did are not real. What a waste of good film stock that could be used to make several good movies with good scriptwriting. Looking at just one episode of this trash TV show, I think they really, really need it. A four-year-old child in the West can be smarter than this! but having watch this far, this i think is waste of time. I love this drama and look forward to every episode. Maybe all South Koreans should go overseas and study arts, films and tv, direction and most importantly- scriptwriting.Yoo Geon..my opinion, is a very weak leading actor, in fact, I do not think he is a good actor at all. The rest of the acting casts are so much better actors than him. Missed her so much, her couple in her new drama so very handsome..

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