Supro amp serial number dating

Everything about this amp looks like a Supro Super, but the examples I've seen online have different handles, have logos on the front, and have names over the input jacks.This pot was made during the 25th week of 1963 by Chicago Telephone Supply (137).Apart from changing the fuseholder and reforming the filter caps, this amp didn't need anything major done to it.

The circuit is simple: one 5Y3 rectifier tube, one12AX7 tube for preamp, and one 6V6G for output. In addition to this new finish, the hardware on guitars in these mini batches was gold-plated—an upgrade option not available on the other three existing Jet models.These Cadillac green Jets have labels with the standard 6128 Duo Jet model stamp, and their potentiometer codes date from August 1957.Another unique feature on many (if not all) of these Cadillac-green Jets is a banjo-style armrest, an accoutrement only shared with the legendary White Penguin model 6134—which, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, was produced in batch 263XX immediately after the second mini batch of Cadillac-green Jets.Because of their relative rarity—only 50–75 specimens are believed to have been produced—and their elegant aesthetic, these green-and-gold Jets are also holy grail guitars to many Gretsch collectors.

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