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However, a windshield mount has its advantages – they can usually be removed and stowed away more easily than a mirror system, making them preferable for situations where the device might be stolen: while making deliveries, street parking, etc.

For keeping power cables routed neatly around the frame of your car, I recommend Command strip decorating hooks (only on Amazon) – these adhered to my car much better than some included cable hooks, and proved an invaluable companion to the models that didn’t come with any at all.

If you have a phone or GPS mount (or both) on your windshield already, a mirror camera may be preferable.Today, brand new RSG contributor Jonathan Knope reviews the top three dashcams for rideshare drivers.For each camera, we did a thorough review along with an accompanying Youtube video that covers unboxing, installation, and live footage from the road.Nonetheless, the camera’s low price and excellent feature set make it worthy of consideration.In the box: Jonathan Knope is a freelance writer and rideshare driver hailing from Atlanta, GA.

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