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For more information check out I made my late husband a promise that I may not fulfill. Last night someone told me that my husband wouldn't want me in such agony and if he had known asking me to take his ashes across the country would cause such pain, that he would have never asked me. Someone else told me we sometimes make promises we can't keep. This is a tough question because it depends on you. with not keeping the promise or will it bother you?I just wish I could sort out my feelings, myself, without allowing influence. If you can see the reason for not following his wishes and are at peace with it then regrets will not follow you. Is your book "The Sisterhood of Widows" appropriate as a gift?Write out exactly what your monthly bills are and also your monthly income so that you know exactly how you are.Sometimes we think we know but are surprised once it’s all on paper.Last night I swear as I fell asleep I could feel him all around me. Then it was like swords passing through my body that didn't hurt, at different angles, sweeping down and through, down and through. Many of the widows I have talked to plus a few in the book talked about feeling their husband’s presence.

My children are 8 and 11 and they get along with them but they don’t seem to care if they see them.

I can't bear anyone having or touching the boat. You may change your mind and you don’t want to have any regrets.

Imagine a stranger putting their hands where Jose's were, touching what he valued, his passion. Many widows, myself included, were numb after the death of their husband.

The more you are out and about the more you will notice other widows in the groups.

It's like buying a new car and then noticing just how many other cars are like yours on the road.

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