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Value can also be created through regional economic development, job creation, and innovation.In fact, governments can increase impact through the economic multiplier effect.In this new agreement, local food is considered so important that three provinces –Alberta, PEI and New Brunswick– have the stated right to buy local foods.The remaining provinces can continue to specify and purchase local foods through their right to support regional economic development.

Are you ready and willing to take control and shift from tactical to a strategic and sustainable supply chain? There are many opportunities for Canadian governments to strategically leverage local purchasing.Effective July 1, 2017, Canada’s new Canadian Fair Trade Agreement comes into effect promoting an open, efficient and stable domestic market within Canada.However, company policy and culture, vendor strategy, vaguely worded contracts, and resistance to change are the real barriers to change to tactical procurement thinking.Listening to key stakeholders and understanding their variety of needs was also fundamental to my success.

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