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Interesting results because it seems your city makes a difference. For me personally, if I see you live in Addison it means you are commitment phobic.

If I see you live in Frisco, I’ll have to check if you are still married.

He stood me up and didn’t call (We all know how I hate that – which is why I won’t date him now) but he apologized and we can talk as adults.

They flaunt the fact that they have a job, their own place and a car.

That is so funny because in my eyes that is the definition of being a grown-up.

In their profiles they go on and on about wanting a smart man who can hold an intelligent conversation.

But the most stimulating part of knowing that person is combing through their profile and finding all of the grammatical errors within. I can say that at any given moment there is a road construction project going on or hellacious traffic due to rush hour.

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    Stress has been credited for up to 75% of all hospital stays.