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In either case, tensions rooted in the homeland have found energetic and, at times violent, expression in the diaspora community.In the expression of tensions there has been a cycle that has moved initially in the direction of militancy and then towards moderation.Before going to the internment camps Japanese preferred to sell their homes and properties to their Sikh neighbors who they had known for so long.As the war economy picked up speed and moved into high gear, Sikhs were given positions of greater responsibility on the factory floors across the country.Census figures suggest that there were 145,000 Sikhs in Canada in 1991 (up from 67,710 a decade earlier), but this is recognized to be an undercount.Population estimates of all Canadian South Asians based primarily on immigration data show that there were roughly 530,000 South Asians in Canada at the end of 1993; of these, about 35%, or 180,000, are believed to be Sikhs.One of the first Sikhs to arrived in Canada in 1897 following Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee was a retired British soldier.In fact the Sikhs who immigrated to Canada, having severed in the British Army and been largely from India or African colonies were already, as were the Canadians they joined, loyal members of the British Empire.

Among the pioneering Sikh immigrants who came to Canada nearly a century ago, the issue was Indian self-government.

External factors - the outbreak of a world war in 1914 - probably accelerated this cycle.

Within the space of two decades pioneer Sikhs had largely completed it.

En indisk curry er egentlig utenkelig uten et godt, smidig og luftig nanbrød (naan) til å slikke opp sausen med.

Og en rekke retter fra Iran, Afghanistan og Pakistan krever også et nanbrød som følgesvenn.

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