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According to a survey done by the Society for Human Resource Mangement, fewer HR managers now think workplace romances are unprofessional—29 percent said they were in 2013, compared to 58 percent in 2005.

An increased openness to office romance may be partially attributable to the fact that there are structures in place to deal with sexual harassment, and it may also come from the loosier-goosier nature of many young people’s work lives these days.

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But all that is a far cry from a company’s Slack administrator actively installing a bot that encourages employee hookups.

The Feeld Slack bot is interesting not because it’s likely to be widely adopted—“This would be a very disruptive technology in the office.

Karl and Laura Linney’s character, Sarah, eventually do hook up without the help of the internet. It has since expanded its mission to include any relationship configuration, and offers 20 different sexuality options to choose from.

So why would an app that targets itself toward non-normative relationships choose the workplace as its next frontier?

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”I think he may be overestimating the taboo on workplace romances.The first thing I thought when I read about this was: This is a technology that Laura Linney’s character from —a nervous turtlenecked mouse who loves her hot co-worker Karl silently and obsessively from afar—would use if the movie was set in the modern day.“@karl,” she would type into Slack, chewing her nails as she looked at Rodrigo Santoro’s bespectacled avatar and hoped beyond hope that the desperate act would deliver her from her unrequited longing. Feeld had an earlier, harder-to-pronounce incarnation as “3nder,” an app that helped people find threesomes.(Same-sex couples were much less likely to meet at work than at a bar or through friends.) But then came the internet.“The rise of the internet has partly displaced not only family and school, but also neighborhood, friends, and the workplace as venues for meeting partners,” the study reads. Or a sleep-app integration, where you can be dating while you sleep?

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