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The clinical studies teaching is a mixture of lectures (in Years 4 and 5), practicals, tutorials, supervisions and clinical rotations.In addition, you must complete a minimum of 12 weeks’ work experience (pre-clinical extramural study) during the University vacations in Years 1 and 2 to gain knowledge of animal husbandry.Many of our graduates subsequently enhance their clinical skills by obtaining further professional qualifications in a wide variety of clinical disciplines.However, the Cambridge veterinary course also gives you the scientific understanding needed to enter many other areas of veterinary work or biomedical science, and to understand and respond to the rapid progress being made in veterinary science.The nearby University Farm also allows all students to become involved in lambing and dairy management.Year 1 and 2 Details about additional course costs can be found on the Faculty of Biology website and in the Veterinary Students’ Handbook.The Centre is accessible to students in all years of the course.Small animals, farm animals and horses are housed on-site to provide continual opportunities to consolidate your animal handling skills.

Some students may be eligible for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme and some College funding may be available to support students’ studies, see individual Colleges for details.

Right from the start, Cambridge students receive intensive training in animal handling and practical clinical skills.

Also, Cambridge was the first veterinary school in England to introduce a clinics-based lecture-free final year, in which students take full responsibility for cases under the watchful eye of senior clinicians.

Achievement of the Vet MB degree allows you to become a member of the RCVS – the professional qualification required to enter practice.

The Cambridge course equips you with the clinical skills and scientific understanding required to enter practice (in the UK and EU) and other areas of veterinary work.

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