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Pi was an amazing perfume, a vanilla bomb with lots of plastic/synthetic vibe - in an awesome way - that reminded me the way that my sister's dolls used to smell.

I instantly fell in love with it, I bought a full bottle and I enjoyed its huge longevity and silage. I got really sad some days ago when I tested this masterpiece again: the juice has gone a major reformulation, it is actually quite a new perfume, with little resemblance to the old one.

Mark Mark74, your bottle is from 2005 probably because in 2015 bottle design was already changed. Even if it's from 1998, it's still just as contemporary and relevant today.

And you are correct, vintage formula had 8 contents, 4 of them were colors. @benpitt I have bottle with small Pi logo but has 19 ingredients and 4 are colours, so? Also on the box front above Givenchy it has no square logo, like 4 little squares. For a long time I stayed away from it because I heard of the disastruous reformulation rumours, and also because it is my uncle's signature fragrance, so I was afraid it's not gonna suit me.

I have yet to try a bottle from the last few years, so I can't comment on any formulation of this period. Definitely for a polo or button up shirt, dress shoes type of guy. My juice doesnt turn balsamic or nasty like some reviews say. safe scent, get it online somewhere, not from macys where its still 70 $ Very soft sweet smell, doesn't last long but people will notice it in the first few hours. At the moment I rate this fragrance 8.5 out of 10 I think this is the perfect fragrance to buy for your man but then wear it together! But in all seriousness, I think men should test this before buying it because some men don't like to smell of this much sweet vanilla themselves. No sneezing here, while I cannot wear Jaïpur without grabbing for my tissuebox.

A bit feminine so not every man can wear it, needs to be the right place, time, outfit etc. If you're looking for something a bit more masculine stick with the Givenchy Play Intense. As a woman, if I smelled this on men I would think what a gorgeous sexy smell. Perfectly unisex (both scents are), sweet, balmy and different from others in that category.

Quite weak, lots of alcohol, not much of its synthetic/vanilla vibe, it was just like a cheap copy. Quote from benpitt: Also, if you have the box it came in, the original has 8 ingredients (4 are colors), the new one has 19 (2 are colors).

If you find an old batch number (pre 2010) go for it, the latest juices are weak and have nothing to do with the original formula. reminds me of being indoors with the family on a cold winter evening. one of the best designer vanilla based scents ever?

Firstly, the bottle is one of the best looking bottles iv'e ever laid eyes on. The scent character is pretty inoffensive and quite edible. Recognizing the scent, this is what I smelled on a male car rental agent who booked me in once long ago. Wasn't so good I asked what it was, but a deep scent on first encounter.I first tried this perfume in 1998, just a few months after its release.I still remember the astronaut campaign and the sticker samples that filled every men's magazine.I just obtained a 2001 bottle and I'm surprised that it doesn't seem as strong as the other bottle I have, from 2007. Said the adventurous woman who sprayed this on her wrist! The opening on my skin is a mixture of sweet Vanilla, almond, and tonka with green elements of basil and tarragon. After a few minutes benzoin, vanilla and almond come out very strongly and start dancing with a nice citrus note.However, it does seem smoother and good for more social occasions. There is a lot of green-ness and woodiness going on in the back. I love it, but unfortunately, it doesn't project that well which is surprising considering the scores that people left here regarding the sillage. I'll definitely use my decant in the fall and update. On my skin, this smells like a weaker and less synthetic version of Jaïpur Homme.

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