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In fact, REPLACE seems more powerful since it also supports scope and WHILE clauses (not to mention replacing in multiple tables at once, though that's not a very good idea).On the other hand, by using a sub-query in the WHERE clause, you can do some pretty powerful things with UPDATE.SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET('VFPOLEDB','D:\dir\file.dbf';'';'','file') SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET('VFPOLEDB','D:\dir\file.dbf';'';'','update file set n=2 where n=1') SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET('VFPOLEDB','D:\dir\file.dbf';'';'','delete from file where n=2') SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET('VFPOLEDB','D:\dir\db2.dbc';'';'','tab2') SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET('VFPOLEDB','D:\dir\db2.dbc';'';'','update tab2 set somedate=ctod("12/30/2000") where n=1') The only inconvenience is that update and delete statements result with error 7357 telling you that no rows to be returned.You can wrap it in try/catch block and ignore 7357 as an expected condition since actual statements were executed anyway.Except in a few minor details, UPDATE in Visual Fox Pro acts like the Xbase REPLACE command.The SET clause takes the place of the "field WITH value" piece, and the WHERE clause fills in for the FOR clause.Like Kramek, Bernard uses Visual Fox Pro in conjunction with SQL Server in database development.

In the update, correlated subqueries see higher performance and the software enables enhanced use of derived tables. Andy Kramek, a Microsoft Visual Fox Pro MVP and president and co-founder of Tightline Computers Inc., in Akron, Ohio, said his company uses Fox Pro to develop applications with SQL Server, and thinks that the update is an improvement."What it would give a SQL developer is the ability to write smart," Kramek said.I know very little about VFP but I've been tasked with making some data alterations to a fairly large table.When running standard SQL update commands in the command window, VFP claims records are updating but they never change.

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