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Then finish the night on a high, sipping Chan’s house wine (made from Kyoho, a Japanese grape), on the rooftop beneath the stars. The loft-style space is decked out with Asian lanterns, hanging Chinese dragons, pop art and a playful wall of ironing boards. Kick the night off Lady and the Tramp style with a delectable bowl of Ramen Noodles—a Lucky Chan specialty.You start the game, and at some point in the future, you place a thumb DISCRETELY on the table.A soon as people start to notice your thumb, they must follow. read more » This game is good for sleepovers, for dinner parties, and any event where you can get your friends in a circle for a bit of fun. Each player must hold the camera at arm's length and point it at themselves very... Everyone gets to say a statement about the person in the centre.On the paper write an unusual phrase and place the piece of... Start the game off with the following phrase "I went to the party and took a bottle of wine, but I didn't take a pink panther" or something as ridiculous.read more » "I went to the party and took with me a bottle of red wine", "I went to the party and took with me a bottle of red wine, and an umbrella", "I went to the party and took with me a bottle of red wine, an umbrella, and a balloon." Etc. Play follows around the table to your left and each player must make ...

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"We're more networked and socially connected than we've ever been so what's changed?

" she asked."Why is dating harder now than it was for our parents and our grandparents?

"We believe it's because we've lost that art, that old fashioned style of dating which is setting people up."It's making recommendations, it's saying 'hey I know this bloke you might be interested', or creating dinner parties where people can meet."Participants are sponsored with the funds raised going to charities that work with homeless or disadvantaged youth."Tell your grandparents, tell your aunty - they want to see you dating so they'll throw 0 at you," Ms Tonkin said.

Co-founder Sally Tonkin said the hard part is finding "those five people within your community"."Get your friends, your family, your local butcher, your work colleagues to help you find those dates, or you can launch out and ask someone yourself," she told 774 ABC Melbourne's Richard Stubbs.

"Basically it's old-fashioned offline dating."Ms Tonkin started Five in Five with her sister after discovering they had a lot of single friends who were finding dating difficult."We tried it as an experiment; we just did it with 30 friends," she said.

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