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The Somerset man's situation is that, at age 16, he was suffering from depression brought on by bullying and a relationship break-up.

His mother, according to the suit, took him to Somerset Hospital in September of 2011 because she feared he might harm himself.

The lawsuit notes that a hearing and other due process procedures are initiated in cases where the mental health commitment is advised beyond the initial 120-hour period.

This, however, did not apply in the cases of these two plaintiffs, who were either released without commitment or released within the 120-hour window.

Regardless of where one stands on the legislative front, it’s hard not to appreciate the unique developments that have been ingrained in the protection and progression of our society. Believe it or not, guns were being used as early as 1364.

Obviously, the weaponry being employed in early days is nothing like what we have today, but understanding this expansive history offers a fascinating lens into the past.

The NRA’s National Firearms Museum provides more information about how these weapons worked: of July punk used to shoot fireworks.

Section 302 of the Mental Health Procedures Act allows for a person to be involuntary committed for mental health evaluations of up to 120 hours.

A Somerset man is suing the commonwealth on grounds that Pennsylvania's Firearms Disqualification Statute is unconstitutional.

In a filing made Thursday in federal court at the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, lawyers acting on behalf of this man and another plaintiff allege that state law violates the 14th Amendment.

Both men were listed as anonymous “John Does” because of sensitive, personal information contained in the suit.“I would love to have my right to be able to possess and own a firearm restored,” the Somerset man told the Daily American.

At issue in the suit — which has drawn the attention of the National Rifle Association — is whether the commonwealth should able to bar individuals for life from possessing, using, controlling, selling, transferring or manufacturing firearms if the person is recommended for an evaluation under Section 302 of the Mental Health Procedures Act.

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