College girls dating with acne

"Dont believe what you see December 8th, 2010 What you see on the silver screen in completely re-edited so that any defects or imperfections are removed as the director wants.

Any scar or skin imperfection can easily be removed by computer, no make up necessary.

Most likely if you saw Brad Pitt in person, up close, you would be suprised to see that he still has acne scars you did not see in the movie." SATS54 SAYS: "I had laser resurfacing in 07 when I was 53 for a few acne scars.

After surgery I was left with tons of scars all over my cheeks & a dent.

Guys, so I find myself going out with a nice 29 year old Eastern European girl on many date's and she wants a commitment out of me.

There are really no problems in the "relationship" except for the fact that I can't quite get past her look.

There are so many aspects of genetics that determine attractiveness that we are all judged on all the time: height, facial and body proportions/symmetry, shape of eyes, nose, etc.

Even Brad Pitt had scars (you can see them in his earlier films), but he got laser surgery to fix his skin. Presently there are no technologies that can reliably get rid of severe acne scars.

The best that various procedures, be it lasers, dermabrasion, excision, etc., can do is soften their appearance.

I asked her if it was a burn scar and she avoided the question.

I am not sure how to bring up the theme of her seeing a plastic surgeon (don't think a dermatologist would be enough) without her becoming extremely upset as she already tries to cover the area with her hair and makeup all the time. So, my question is have any of you guys dated girls with bad acne scars and how have you been able to overcome this? There's a few flaws in chicks I can't deal with: -Acne -Acne scars -Ugly feet -Stringy hair Think about it this way: when a relationship first starts out you don't mind her flaws as much, but as it progresses the flaws will become more of an issue as the newness of the relationship wears off.

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