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And then Beyoncé performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in front of a 12-foot sign reading feminist."That was a big, big thing," said a 14-year-old girl in New York.Emma Watson delivered a widely publicized speech at the United Nations, saying, "Fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating.If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop." Watson urged men and boys to join women and girls in becoming "advocates for gender equality." Taylor Swift switched teams, throwing in with the feminists.When I sat down with some girls at the Grove, a shopping mall in L.A., all they wanted to talk about was social media. "Because then we would have no life," said the girl.

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I wasn't aware of just how much until I started talking to girls about their experiences online, which happened sort of by accident one night in Los Angeles in 2013.His 141-page manifesto, "My Twisted World: The Story of Elliot Rodger," which he posted online, was a misogynistic screed.Rodger saw women as "flawed," "like a plague," "incapable of reason or thinking rationally," undeserving of "any rights." He envisioned a world in which he would starve women to death in concentration camps.Were these iso­lated cases, we wanted to know, or indicative of a more widespread, menacing atmosphere?Was there a crisis in the world of girls, and if so, what were the factors behind it?

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